Property trading process depending on the kind of investment in Spain

In leYel Real Estate lawyers we give you a comprehensive property investments service. From searching for the most suitable investment, managing the legal transactions and a post-sales service of project management, that includes searching for builders, architects and designers amongst other professional partners and our tax/accounting service in case you want to start a business in Spain.

1. Tell us what you’re looking for

Tell us what you are looking for: a holiday home, Golden Visa or an investment property, your budget or preferred location and we can send a selection of options. Or if you are not sure about something, please do not hesitate to contact us.

2. We prepare the best offers in compliance with your expectations

We search for the best properties in relation to your request. The preparation of the most suitable offers can take between 2 and 3 days.

3. Organizing atrip to Spain

For our recurring clients, we offer the possibility to work with a power of attorney so they don’t have to travel.


Otherwise, we will prepare your trip to Spain with travelling and hotel facilities and everything else you need. During your stay, we’ll accompany you to visit the properties.


To get your visa in case that you need it, we’ll send you an invitation from our Company to your name, or you can get it by yourself.

4. Property trading and registration office

Investment proposal: Once the price and the purchase conditions have been discussed, we will make a report regarding the property conditions, including location, description of the property and surrounding area and cost of Project management or reform.

5. Post-sale service

Our commitment towards our clients does not finish with the sale of the property. We want to be a reference law firm in Spain and offer a series of post-sale services like: legal tax and accounting and business consultancy if you are looking to start a business. Furthermore we offer an extensive network of trustworthy professionals in case you are looking to reform or decorate your property in order to safeguard your investment or just to update your property to current qualities.


* If you are from a country outside de European Union one of the advantages of investing in Spain or purchasing a property it allows you to obtain Spanish residence or Golden Visa. We will take care of this process and take all the hassle away from you.


despacho arquitecto con reglas y planos

Property trading & legal management

Since we are lawyers, we also offer the management of all legal procedures linked to these transactions as well as other business you might need.

Property trading & legal management.