We find the best opportunities to buy properties from corporate insolvency.

Our specialists´ lawyers will take care of analyzing all the properties from companies that are going through economic struggles and are going into liquidation in order to buy at the lowest price possible.


The state of insolvency is a process regulated by the law to help the companies and natural persons in a bad economic situation to pay their debts or finish their business. In leYel Abogados we take care of offering our clients specific opportunities to get properties from these companies or natural personas that must sell their properties to pay off these debts.


These properties can be bought at different moments depending on the stage or state of insolvency at a certain time. The last stage in which you can buy one of these properties is at a public auction. You must keep in mind that, even though you can find fabulous opportunities with these transactions, there can also be difficulties regarding certain conditions of these properties. That’s why our law firm advises you about what’s the best moment, the best property and what would be the best price to buy.


Some of these properties are listed by the state and can be found in our property section, but we also offer a customized service to our subscribed clients in which we offer them comprehensive advice on how, when, where to buy the best opportunities in our specific area, with all the guarantees that come with it.


We work in Sevilla and Costa del Sol

Our main area is the south of Spain, Specifically Seville, where we have our central office and the Costa del Sol, but we work in all the national territory alongside our local and international partners.