Why investment in Spain?

Imagen Costa del Sol

Spain, a profitable investment

Spain is clearly one of the most attractive countries for property investment and it’s current market conditions are very good for foreign investments. These are some of the reasons why:

- Geographical situation: Spain is in the iberian península, has 7.905 km of coast and its climate is predominantly Mediterranean. It is part of the European Union and in addition it is an enclave between Europe, North Africa, Middle East and Latin America. Spain received 68,1 millions of international tourist in 2015 according to the INE.


- Culture and gastronomy. Spain has been cradle of different civilizations that left their indelible mark in the architecture, literature, painting, dancing and singing. To understand the range of this culture it is mandatory to come and living it for yourself. The Mediterranean gastronomy, globally known, is another of the great attractions of our land.


- Climate.  The climate in Spain is Mediterranean. Though it can change through the seasons, it is especially sunny and warm in the south. In addition, it has mountain areas, beaches, forests and even some dunes.


- Modern and high quality infrastructures. Spain has advanced infrastructures with high speed railways, extensive highways, airways with national and international airports. This makes of Spain being amongst the five strongest economies in the European Union in nominal terms.


- Economic growing. Since 2013, after the recession due to the 2008 crisis, Spain has been one of the countries that have grown the most in Europe, exceeding all predictions about GDP.

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