Claim of amounts

Do you consider that someone owes you money because of a civil conflict? We study your case and offer you the best solution.


We proceed, check and elaborate all kinds of public and private contracts in the area of civil law .


Divorce, modification of measures, filiations, civil disabilities, custody, paternity …


We take care of paralyzing your eviction as a tenant or expedite it when you are the owner for unpaid revenue, damages, breach of contract …


Management of inheritance and distribution, inheritance tax, conflicts between heirs, testament, payment of taxes ....

Traffic accidents

¿Do you know if your insurance policy offers you free legal services? We will claim the maximum compensation you have the right to ask for if you have suffered a traffic accident.

Banking Law

We will present a complaint or a claim if needed if you are suffering a bank account abuse of any kind; we will also help you to get bank funding.

Labor law

Everything about: mobbing or infringement of fundamental rights, dismissals, claim of amounts, disabilities and occupational accidents.

Real Estate

Advising and consulting on real estate investment opportunities in Spain.

Other specialities

Our extensive experience and knowledge of the law and its legal procedures, allows us to be able to solve other affairs relating to other fields of the law.