Mobbing or infringement of the fundamental rights

Labor harassment, moral and sexual harassment at work, insults, disparagement, non-payment of wage concepts, humiliation, aggression...


Whether they are considered justified, unjustified or tacitical dismissals, you can claim compensation. Also records of employment regulation “EREs”.

Claim of amounts

Do you think that they owe you money or wages or for the performance of your work? We study your case and offer you the best solution.

Labour sanctions

We give legal support, advice and follow-up of cases related to labor sanctions.

Permanent disabilities

Normally associated with some accident, labor or not that has caused injuries and needscompensation for missing work, permanently or temporarily.

Free legal consultation

In leYel we offer free legal advice online to solve your doubts and legal questions, about the law in your particular case. Ask us without compromise.

Civil Law

Everything about: claim of amounts, contracts, family law, evictions, inheritances, etc.

Real Estate

Advising and consulting on real estate investment opportunities in Spain.

Other specialities

Our extensive experience and knowledge of the law and its legal procedures, allows us to be able to solve other affairs relating to other fields of the law.